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Transition to Raw Food

There is no need for a "transition period" or mixing your current commercial products with the raw food. The proper and desirable transition is to simply stop using industrialized, processed foods and start serving your pet natural raw food.

Some pets might experience a detoxification process which may include diarrhea and other symptoms. However, these symptoms should only be present for short time and this process does not happen to most pets. If negative symptoms last longer than seven (7) days, please contact us by phone or email.

You may start feeding your pet with the natural raw food at least six (6) hours after your pet's last meal. If the food was served in a bowl, hide the bowl from the pet and wait six (6) hours before introducing the new raw food.

Some pets may initially be reluctant or hesitant to eat the natural raw food. In such case, leave the food accessible to your pet, to give it time to inspect and get comfortable, but discard any uneaten remains after forty (40) minutes time.

Remember that you’re providing your pet with healthy and natural food that they should eat, so we suggest you resist your temptation to returning to the industrial food, and give raw food the proper chance.

During your pet's second raw food meal it will likely be more comfortable and interested, if not already, and might express this by eating or licking the food. After this stage, your pet will want to eat the food at each meal!