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Transitioning to Raw Dynamic is simple and convenient. It is important to provide your pet some time to get used to any new food, so we always recommend a 7-10 days transition period. It enables our pet to properly be introduced and familiarized to new food, and limit any digestive issues. We recommend to start feeding a new food in small quantities and gradually increase every few days. For the first 3 days we recommend feeding 25% Raw Dynamic and 75% of the old food.

Tip: while transitioning, it is important to thaw out the food properly (to room temperature) in order to prevent regurgitation of food. If served too cold, it could cause digestive irritation and sensitivities.

For days 4-6 we recommend to increase Raw Dynamic to 50% of the meal. You can increase to 75% Raw Dynamic on days 7-9. On day 10 you are good to go! You can now feed 100% Raw Dynamic.

Tip for cat parents: we all love our cats dearly, but we know they can be a bit of a pain when it comes to introducing new foods. Cats need to get used to new texture, flavor, and smell. For some cats, this process can take some time, especially when transitioning from highly processed food to a natural raw diet.

If you are not completely sure how to transition or if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].